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No Equipment Necessary: Calf Raises

A lot of us do a lot of leg work to develop our lower body muscles, but completely forget about the calves (or neglect them for fear they'll get bulky). Calf Raises develop flexibility and strength in the ankle joint and calf, and all you need to do them is your body and a step/curb or any uneven surface. Here's how:

  • Stand with balls of feet on a curb/step, heels hanging off. Keep knees soft, not locked.
  • Slowly let heel fall below the curb/step, then slowly move weight to toes and lift your heel back up.
  • Repeat this up and down action 12-15 times. Do three sets.

Fit's Tip: You may want to be close to a wall or something in case you need to get your balance. If you don't have a stair accessible you can do calf raises on flat ground, just go up to your tiptoes and back down. To make it more challenging, you can lift one leg behind you and do one leg at a time.

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