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Calorie Breakdowns
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Calorie Breakdown of Enhanced Water Drinks

The Lowdown on Hydrating Recovery Drinks

hydrating drinks

Use this nutritional comparison chart the next time you go grab a thirst-quenching low-cal drink, and you'll be better informed about what selection to make. I've pitted the biggest brands against one another to see how they deliver in the nutrients and low-cal department. Labels can often be confusing, so hopefully this chart will help!

1 Serving (8 fl. oz.) Crystal Light Lemonade (Sugar-Free) Nuun Metromint Peppermint Water Life Water, BlackBerry Grape

Vitamin Water, Multi-V Lemonade

Gatorade, Lemon Lime
Calories 5 8 0 40 50 50
Sodium (mg) 35 360 0 20 0 110
Sugar (g) 0 .041 (stevia leaf extract) 0 9 13 14
Potassium (mg) 0 77 0 0 0 30
Magnesium (mg) (% based on 2000 calorie/day diet) 0 20 0 1.2 4% of daily value 0
Vitamin C (mg) (% based on 2000 calorie/day diet) 0 10 0 0 40% of daily value 0
Vitamin B2 (mcg) 0 1 0 0 10% of daily value 0
Oneworldusa Oneworldusa 6 years
Adina has a brand of all natural USDA organic certified fruit and herbal infused drinks called Holistics that are also lightly sweetened-low calorie options that taste great! Adina also just introduced Holistics ZERO calorie, which is naturally sweetened with Stevia...very good with no bitter after taste. Almost hard to believe it's no calorie.
Sarah10563 Sarah10563 6 years
Life Water is only 0 calories if it is the 0 calorie lean machine flavors, some have calories and sugar.
Vanonymous Vanonymous 6 years
I'm pretty sure Life Water is 0 calories (at least that's what it says on the bottle).
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