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Calorie-Burning Winter Activities

Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Activities to Warm You Up

I'm freezing, literally. In the last few weeks, the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees — a chilly reminder that Winter is only a few weeks away. Under the circumstances it's easy to want to bring workouts indoors, but there's a lot of fitness fun to be had, even in the chill of Winter. Here are my favorite ways to warm up and burn calories this season.

  1. Glide across the ice — Lace up your skates for a session at the nearest ice rink or frozen over pond. An hour of ice skating will burn 414 calories.
  2. Get on board and catch some air — You don't have to be Gretchen Bleiler to get the benefits of snowboarding. For every hour you spend on the slopes, you'll burn upwards of 250 calories.
  3. Strap on some snowshoes — Whether it's a walk, run, or afternoon hike, snowshoeing is a major workout; in one hour, you'll burn over 400 calories.
  4. Head to the mountains for a ski session — Nothing says Winter like some hot cocoa at the lodge after skiing. And since a couple hours of skiing burns 827 calories, you can easily go for seconds of hot cocoa.
  5. You have to go up to get down — Sledding may seem effortless as you're whizzing down the hill, but getting back up it will work your backside. Spending 30 minutes sledding will burn 198 calories.

Calorie burn based on a 130-pound woman that's 5'5". Calculate a more accurate burn stat for your weight and height with our Calorie Burn tool.

Source: Flickr user stevendepolo

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