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Calorie Saving Tip For the Holidays

This Healthy Holiday Hack Will Save You So Many Calories This Season

Calorie Saving Tip For the Holidays
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If you're anything like me, you're 1) obsessed with Christmas, and 2) obsessed with festive beverages. Decadent eggnog, spiced cider, rich hot chocolate, and the occasional mulled wine are treats I look forward to year round — and imbibe in without the tiniest shred of restraint come November. Or at least I did, until Father Time started to take his toll on my metabolism, and I was forced to learn a few lessons in self-control, particularly when it comes to liquid calories.

However, I'm not here to cut back on the festive vibes or holiday spirit; quite the contrary! My new trick when it comes to a cup of cheer, sans excess fat and sugar? Tea. Sounds boring as heck, I know, but I'm here to show you otherwise. The brews I reach for when the temps drop and the Nat King Cole gets turned way, way up are packed with flavor and bursting with nostalgia.

Festive teas have helped me not only eliminate liquid calories but also curb my sweet tooth so I don't overindulge on desserts (trust me, I still eat 'em when I want to!). The result is a healthier body with more energy and pep to thrive all season long. Check out some of my favorites ahead; whether you're craving a creamy candy cane blend, a spicy cocoa, or nutmeg-dusted nog, there's a tea for every holiday mood.

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