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Calories in Common Sources of Protein

Calories in One Gram of Protein: How Major Sources Compare

If dropping pounds is your plan, then you no doubt have calories on the brain. Check out the chart below to find out which sources of protein contain the fewest calories. It might be just the tidbit of info to help shave calories off your meals so you reach your goal weight faster.

Source of Protein Calories per gram of protein
Ground beef 6.5
Chicken breast 4.2
Roasted turkey 4.5
Salmon 9.3
Tilapia 4.9
Ham 10
Bacon 14.8
Skim milk 10.5
Two percent milk 15.1
Plain soymilk 14.3

Keep on reading to see the calorie count for other common sources of protein.

Source of Protein Calories per gram of protein
Cheddar Cheese 26.4
Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt 18.5
Vanilla Greek Yogurt 7.5
Extra firm tofu 9.2
Tempeh 11.3
Seitan 5
Long grain brown rice 43.2
Quinoa 28.2
Kidney beans 12.5
Garbanzo beans 18.6
Whole Egg 11.8
Egg whites 4.7
Peanut butter 26.3
Almonds 23.3
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