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Calories in Cool Summer Treats

Which Cool Summer Treat Contains More Calories?

ice creamIf you had to pick a handful of reasons why you love Summer, would one of them include all of the cold sweet treats you get to enjoy on a hot Summer's day? It's definitely one of my reasons, and although there are lots of delicious Summer treats to choose from, I've pitted some of my favorite sweet snacks against one another to see which ones are guilty of containing the most calories. Ready, set, go!

Which Cool Summer Treat Contains More Calories?

Which contains more calories?

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fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
What in God's name name is an Otter Pop? *scratching head*
cfp cfp 5 years
Thanks for posting this, I am craving a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles! Probably not the best snack before Bikram and an 8 mile run...ok it will be my reward! haha
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