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Beginner Fitness Tips
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Calories in Toast Toppings Like Jam, Honey, and Peanut Butter

Toast Toppings Go Head to Head

Taking time to enjoy some tea and toast is one of my favorite morning rituals. Some days I just put butter on my toast, and other days I want to mix it up with honey or jam. As evidenced by the plethora of options inside my fridge door, I seem to never have enough toppings! The problem is, when we slather on one of our favorite spreads, we're also adding additional calories, fat, and sugar to our breakfast routine.

toast toppings

Keep reading to see a chart on everything you need to know about common toast toppings like jam, honey, and chocolate spread.

2 Tbls Serving Peanut butter, smooth without salt Honey Grape Jam Almond butter, plain without salt

Cream cheese

Butter, without salt

Calories 188 128 50 202 80 204 200
Total Fat (g) 16.1 0 ~ 19 7 23 11
Saturated Fat (g) 3.3 0 ~ 1.8 5 14.6 3.5
Carbs (g) 6.3 34.6 13 6.8 2 0 22
Fiber (g) 1.9 0 ~ 1.2 0 ~ 1
Protein (g) 8.0 2.5 ~ 4.8 2 0.2 3
Calcium (mg) 14 1 ~ 43 ~ 0 40
Iron (mg) 0.6 0.09 ~ 0.59 0 0 1.62
Vitamin E (mg) 2.88 ~ ~ ~ ~ 0.33 ~
Total Folate (mcg) 24 ~ ~ 10 ~ ~ ~
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GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I love Nutella spread a lot but I barely use a tablespoon since what I spread it on is so small. But the calories is pretty high. I guess I should slow down on it.
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