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Which Weekend Treat Should You Choose?

I eat well all week long, so once the weekend hits, that's when I tend to let go a little. Whether it be decadent brunches, lunches at quaint cafes, or dinners out, I try to choose foods that are tasty, but not too calorie- and fat-laden. Let's see if you can choose the healthier food.

Which Weekend Treat Should You Choose?

Which breakfast food contains more cholesterol?

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missy1632 missy1632 7 years
Oooh, O M + G! I got 5 outta 5!!!! Yay me! (I just reached my weight loss goal 2 months ago, I lost 88 pounds)
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
I bombed that one. It's okay, I don't eat these foods anyway. I would think that 3 pieces of french toast alone would contain 2 eggs, so the french toast would be higher in cholesterol.
pixiedusk pixiedusk 7 years
sigh im so craving for something sweet after eating a ton of carbs.... im so bad.... im preggy with GDM & yet here i am....
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