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Carbs: Simple vs. Complex

Hopefully by now you know that no and low carb diets aren't the way to go if you want to lose weight. You may drop pounds at first, but as soon as you start eating carbs again, you'll end up gaining the weight back. Also, let me remind you that not all carbs are bad. There are healthy carbs, full of valuable vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein that you should be eating.

In order to know which ones you should be eating, you need to know the difference between simple and complex carbs. To do so just


Simple carbs are mostly made up of refined sugars with very few essential vitamins and minerals. These carbs metabolize quickly, creating a sugar high and followed quickly by a sugar low. Enjoy simple carbs in moderation. Foods such as white bread, soda, candy, and foods made with white flour and white sugar such as cookies, crackers, pasta, and breads are considered simple carbohydrates.

Complex carbs are made up of starch and fiber, so they release gradually and provide our bodies with a steady source of energy. Foods such as beans, fruit, veggies such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, and whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat, and barley are complex carbs. When you eat them, they make you feel full and satisfied for longer, so you end up eating less.

It helps to be a label reader and look for foods made with whole grain flour, not enriched flour, and limit the amount of foods you eat that contain sugar.

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