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Carrie Fisher Talks Diet Tips on Today Show

Do You Trick Yourself Into Thinking You're Indulging?

Even if you're not dieting, following a healthy lifestyle means giving up something you love to eat — or at the very least, not eating it three times a day. That can mean you have to give up some of your favorite indulgences. Carrie Fisher knows just what this takes. Carrie's been on Jenny Craig since January, and it's working; she appeared on the Today Show looking 50 pounds lighter. She credits following the program to the ability to lose the weight. "The Jenny Craig food is good! I'm addicted to the cereal," she says. "It tastes like contraband, so it tastes like you're cheating."

Sounds like Carrie's found a useful way to keep her on the diet track — tricking herself into thinking she's eating something bad when it's not. Do you do the same? Take our poll and share your tricks in the comments!

Source: WireImage, Jenny Craig

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ticamorena ticamorena 5 years
errm, no. I just balance it out - if I choose to indulge, it has to be in a way that won't blow up the balance of my diet. and sometimes, you just have to exercise self-restraint
IMeanWhat IMeanWhat 5 years
I’d like to quote Billy Crytal and say, “Carrie Fisher, you look… mahvelous!”
jadenirvana jadenirvana 5 years
Oh, I'm the queen of this! I do this thing called waffle stew with torn up nutigrain waffles, berries, flax oil, and greek yogurt. Soooo good for that particular time, wink.
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