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The Unexpected (Low-Calorie) Ingredient People Are Adding to Their Smoothies

While you're chopping and prepping your cauliflower for the week, set some aside to freeze for your smoothies. Yes, we're serious!

The latest health-food trend combines two things you already know and love: a white cruciferous veggie and a frozen blended breakfast drink. Cauliflower smoothies are here, and they're definitely worth trying out. Here's why.

  • It might fight cancer. For one, cauliflower has antioxidants that can fight cancer. A 2015 study noticed a relationship between increased cauliflower intake and lower risk of stomach cancer.
  • It's low calorie, low sugar. Amp up the thickness of your smoothie without banana — and skip the extra sugar — with this low-calorie veggie.
  • It's flavorless. Kind of like how adding beans into your smoothies doesn't alter the taste (but ups the nutrients), cauliflower makes a great base for a smoothie and will take on the flavor of whatever else you add, like cinnamon, berries, coconut, and other fruit!
  • It's cheap. You can get heads of cauliflower at the grocery store for a couple dollars — wash, prep, and freeze, and you've got yourself cheap breakfast prepped for the week!
  • It might boost your mood. Cauliflower has omega-3s, which can combat depression and anxiety and give your mood a lift.
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