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Celeb trainer Valerie Waters, who most of you voted as the Hollywood trainer you most want to work with, is a pragmatist. She began her fitness career with an interest in body building but knows her celebrity clientele often want to look toned rather than muscular. Although she likes to occasionally "hit the steel," she trains to meet her clients' needs.

I was able to ask Valerie some questions in a video chat yesterday, and she definitely likes to talk about food. But who doesn't, really? Valerie is not a nutritionist, nor does she claim to be. She calls herself a food coach and offers some practical and motivating advice when it comes to food. First off, it comes back to pragmatism; Val says eating healthy is about making "wise choices. Sometimes the wise choice is just a better choice. It doesn't mean it is the perfect choice. It's about making the best choice from what is available to you right now." Don't shoot for perfectionism, but know that you can make a change when it comes to food. Val added, "You are one meal away from eating better." A simple saying to inform your daily eating habits.

As a personal trainer, Val knows times around the holidays are hectic. To see how she can help you fit in a workout,

If you cannot make it to the gym, Valerie has come up with a Plan B workout that you can do in 20 minutes in your living room. The workout is a circuit workout to help you get more bang for you buck — getting your heart rate up to burn calories while strength training to gain tone and shape.


If you only have time for a five-minute workout, Val suggests doing each of these multitasking moves for just over a minute:

  1. Squats with upright rows
  2. Push-ups
  3. Step-ups with an overhead press
  4. Mountain climbers with Valslides on your feet

As a trainer, though, Valerie makes it clear that you a daily five-minute workout will not be enough to transform your body or keep you in shape. But during the crunch time of the holidays, something is better than nothing. Stay tuned for more tips from you favorite Hollywood trainer.

Join The Conversation
Spectra Spectra 7 years
You could probably change that last exercise to "Mountain climbers with paper plates under your feet". You don't have to buy HER special product just do do them.
tylergrl33 tylergrl33 7 years
I believe there is definitely a difference b/w toned and muscular. Take a Victoria's Secret runway model versus a female bodybuilder. One toned, one muscular.
pamela87 pamela87 7 years
She "knows her celebrity clientele often want to look toned rather than muscular"-- If she actually said that I'm really disappointed. I hope it was a poor choice of words from the writer. WTF does "toned" even mean if not muscular? Muscular is a good thing! Maybe should just be honest and say that some of her celebrity clients want to look like sticks. I hate it when people use the word "toned" as if to imply those women are more feminine than those of us who have (beautiful) muscles. /end rant
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