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dvdsky81 dvdsky81 6 years
OMG that was a long post and huuuge wall of text!! Im so sorry guys!!! lol
dvdsky81 dvdsky81 6 years
I totally agree with Emma Stone. I dont know how ANYONE can live like that, even (or is it especially) a celebrity with anything they want right at their beconcall (beck and call? beconcall? no clue). I will never understand those types of diets. I know that everyone is different and I may have had it easy, but I dropped over 30lbs by using Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner dvds and stopping my soda addiction and cutting back on sugar. That's it. No major diet. No real restrictions(though it did take a bit to get used to no soda for a bit). Other than the drinks, I didnt take away anything. I ate all the same stuff, just mindfully. While I usually would have eaten an entire one of those small pint containers of Breyer's chocolate ice cream, my favorite in the whole wide world, I'd control myself into eating about a quarter of it. Id follow serving sizes on boxes of crackers. Garden Veggie Baked Ritz crackers, for example, have something along the lines of 190 calories in like 16 chips or something. Because Im addicted, I put like 20-25 in a zip loc bag to take to work so I wouldnt be eating out of the actual bag and eat double that. Common sense and moderation basically. It took about 16 months to get to where I am now, but it's been steady and it's staying. It's a lifestyle that wasn't drastic and didnt and WONT pack it all on. It's just the way I am now and now I dont need such huge portions to get full or satisfied. You re-train your brain when you eat responsibly as opposed to restrictively which just causes horrible associations with food and a major cause for eating disorders, imo. Not to mention, something about Tracey Anderson rubs me the wrrrooong freakin way. Not sure what, but everytime I hear her (usually so horrible and unsafe I have no idea why it's perpetuated by reputable people) "advice" or hear of celebrities and sites all "Tracey Anderson ISOMGSOOOOAMESOME" crap I totally just loose respect. I just dont get her or the fascination with her. She doesn't teach lasting life effects and changes, as opposed to Jackie and Jillian. Just "how to drop 40 lbs in a week" type BS. Ok. Done ranting. sorry ;)
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