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When you're striving to achieve a healthy weight, it's natural to look for guidance about what exactly that means for your body. While the jeans test is telling in terms of your body's changes, your pants can't tell you how many pounds you might need to lose or gain to get to your best weight.

For years, we turned to the body mass index (BMI) formula for a clue about where we fall on the health curve, but the calculation doesn't differentiate between the weight of muscle from fat and therefore isn't as trusted as it used to be. recruited its top two nutrition experts to calculate the BMIs of seven celebrities by analyzing their photos. The experts were told each celebrity's height measurements but used weight estimates, so their calculations aren't 100 percent accurate. Still, the results offer some surprising insight about the accuracy of BMIs. To see their approximate BMI calculations for celebs and athletes like Beyonce and Tony Romo,


Celebrity Height Estimated Weight (lbs) Estimated BMI BMI Verdict
Angelina Jolie 5'8'' 118 17.9 Underweight
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6'2'' 240 30.8 Obese
Beyonce 5'6'' 130 21 Normal
Tom Cruise 5'7'' 166 26 Overweight
Tony Romo 6'2'' 224 28.8 Significantly overweight
Serena Williams 5'9'' 150 22.1 Normal
Jennifer Love Hewitt 5'2'' 120 21.9 Normal


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