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Cellulite Workout | 30-Minute Video

The Cellulite Workout: 30-Minute Full-Body Burner

There is no magic bullet to make cellulite disappear, but exercise is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to reduce the appearance of those bumps and dimples. This 30-minute workout is designed to burn fat and calories while working your entire body — toned muscles can help minimize the lumpy texture of cellulite. We start with some foam rolling to get the blood flowing to your legs (increasing circulation can help diminish the texture of cellulite), and then we work your legs, abs, and arms while keeping your heart rate up! It's a great workout with so many benefits.

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sharaysome sharaysome 2 years

I bough mine at Ross for $6. You should also check on Marshalls :)

CarrieAsplund CarrieAsplund 2 years

Where do you buy the rollers?

Raqual15328123 Raqual15328123 2 years

Is there a way to save this to my iPad to watch offline? I don't have internet where I live only where I work.
Thankyou for sharing this. I love your workouts.

dyeager dyeager 2 years

loves this exercise! But most important is to love your body where it is at and improve from a place of love not hate.

imnotatrophywife imnotatrophywife 2 years

Great for those days between runs where you want a little sweat and stretch!

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