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Often, the time we spend exercising is precious, and we want to get the best use out of it. This is why it boggles my mind when I see folks cheating at the gym. Doing things to make your workouts easier or less strenuous may seem to be a good idea, but in the end it's just a waste of time. Small things like lifting weights that are too light, holding on to the handles while on a cardio machine, and not pumping up the resistance in a spinning class (we're all guilty of that) may not be a big deal, but you are also not doing yourself any favors. In order to fully reap the benefits of your exercise, try your hardest to exercise to your fullest potential. Keep your eye on your goal (or goals), and remember that even though it may seem hard at times, it's all in the name of good health.


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amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 8 years
I have had a bad knee injury and extreme back problems so sometimes I just cant work out any harder than I am. I do the hardest work out that I can for that day and I am proud that I even go in general. When I do spin class I cant turn the knob anymore, my knee will just start cracking like when you crack your knuckes- its gross and extremly painful. On the eliptical though I try to at least put it on level 5 or 6 more if I can. I figure that at least Im there and doing something
anna_muffin anna_muffin 8 years
I wouldn't see it so black and white. Of course it's better for your body to push yourself, but out mind plays a big role in this whole "regular exercise" thing. Sometimes I am really not in the mood to be hard on myself and if I would be, it would just turn me off from exercising the next day. So sometimes I cheat, but at least I still get some exercise and maybe next time I'll be in a mood to push myself (yes, it happens).
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i know that a lot of people go to the gym cause they think that it sounds like the right thing to do. me - i go to sweat and to work out hard and i don't like to talk to people. i have to admit though, i do sometimes hold on to the handles of the elliptical...does that mean that i'm cheating?
runningesq runningesq 8 years
You never know why someone is at the gym. I might be walking slowly on the treadmill because I ran 16 miles the day before.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I see people on the elliptical machines who turn the resistance down to level 1 or 2 and basically just let momentum do all the work. You're not getting a decent workout if the resistance is that low, but people figure that if they're going "fast", it's somehow a good cardio workout. I used to be guilty of using weights that were too light, but when I realized that lifting heavier ones gave me results faster, I switched right away.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
I agree that you should maximize your time... but you have to remember there is always another side of the story from what you "think" you see! For me, when I started going to the gym last year I was morbidly obese and very unfit. So on the treadmill, yes i could have walked faster or steeper inclines, but I didn't, it was so important to me to establish the habit and just GO and not be too concerned with maximizing my time. I made a deal with myself that if I just went for 30 min every day, I could work as hard or as easy as I wanted, but I had to GO. If I'd started off hard and intense initially, I'd have never built up the habit of daily exercise, I'd have quit, AGAIN, long ago. Now, it's second nature and I do maximize my time and effort... But I don't consider those first few months of "easy" workouts a waste of my time at all... it's what's led me to lose 85 lbs this year, and is what has made it 2nd nature to roll out of bed at 5am and get to it! So... just as you shouldn't jump to conclusions that someone is pregnant, when in might be an extra 20 lbs... you shouldn't assume that people are "wasting" their time not maximizing workouts. Now, chatty chatsters in classes or clogging machines, yup, that's a waste. :)
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
I agree that in a class it's annoying when people aren't focused bc it's distracting for other people and rude to the instructor- but I don't see why anyone cares what anyone else does out in the main part of the gym, I mean seriously why waste your time focusing on other ppl's lack of effort and use that energy to focus on your own workout. You never know why someone is lifting light weights- maybe they are recovering from an injury . . .it's kinda rude to be bashing other ppl's workouts . . . I mean no one so far here has made any rude comments I was just saying if I saw someone doing what I thought was a "light" workout I certainly wouldn't judge or criticize them . . I think Fit's comment about "This is why it boggles my mind when I see folks cheating at the gym." came out a little weird, I mean just let ppl be and focus on yourself.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I will say that even when I "cheated" I was never one of those annoying talky girls, because I kinda wanted to smack them.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
Ugh, i completely agree with the distracting talkers during group exercises like spin. The new girls in my class come in late, fiddle with their bikes during warm up and converse with each other throughout. Annoying and rude. As for not turning up the resistance on my bike, i do like to push myself and crank it up, but sometimes my knees just incredibly hurt and that knob gets turned down. i try to make it up by running or sprinting on the bike with just enough resistance to keep my hips from flopping around and keeping my knees from aching while people are at a standing run or isolation. (they don't hurt as much at faster speeds for some reason)
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
I tend to push myself too hard and use too much weight. This, in turn, makes me sore and I have to give my body more days off to rest. Also counterproductive. I do find being in a class with people who don't take it seriously to be annoying. The resistance is up to you. The talking and giggling or just standing there talking about how you "can't" is what bugs me.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Okay, this is true, for sure, but there were times when I didn't turn up the spin bike as many times as I should have, because I literally wouldn't have been able to move my legs to turn the pedals.
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I hold onto the elliptical handles...I mean, you have to move them. I'm a little confused by this.
cvandoorn cvandoorn 8 years
Sometimes I don't feel like turning up the resistance in spin class because I use it as a recovery day off my bike. As long as i'm not disrupting the rest of the class, I don't see a problem with this!
telewyo telewyo 8 years
I don't normally care if other people in my spin class are pushing themselves and turning up the resistance or not...but there are two girls who have just started coming and they will talk to each other all the way through class, even on super hard hill climbs! It's distracting and annoying and I always wonder why they even come if they obviously aren't going to work! I can hardly breathe more or less carry on a conversation!
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