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Cheating on Your Diet on Your Birthday

Do You Cheat With Food on Your Birthday?

I generally stick to a rigid exercise routine and focus on eating fresh, healthy foods in moderation, but when the calendar turns to my birthday week, or I'm attending a celebration like a wedding, I like to let loose and enjoy the more decadent foods I love without reservations. Peanut butter cups. Artisan mac and cheese. Cake. Sign me up. I'll happily work it off later so I can enjoy the moment.

Birthday or not, so-called cheat days give you something to look forward to and can prevent you from feeling deprived. While the notion isn't for everyone (especially if you're actively trying to shed pounds), celebs like Jessica Biel and Sandra Bullock practice this same technique, and trainers like Harley Pasternak even encourage the method.

Do you sneak in a few extra servings of your favorite things on special days, or do you shun sweets and fancy eats in the name of healthy habits regardless of the celebration?

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