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Check Those Expiration Dates

Last night I made myself a salad for dinner, in my favorite ceramic bowl my best friend gave to me, I might add. Well, my mind was elsewhere as I was going up the stairs and needless to say, me and my dinner ended up splattered across the steps. My beautiful bowl cracked and I got cut in 3 places.
Poor me, right? Well, I went to get a band-aid and some Neosporin and just happened to check the date first. Exp: 2003! I couldn't believe it. Had it been THAT long since I bought a new tube?

This led me on a quest to discover what else was lurking in my bathroom, way too old for my own good. An hour later, I had filled my bathroom garbage with tons of expired stuff.

Although some would say those dates don't mean a thing, but for me, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Why take a drug if it isn't as effective as it can be. If it's past the date - it's getting trashed.

So take it from me and do yourself a favor - go through your medicine cabinet and your extensive supply of products. Get rid of expired over-the-counter medications like old bottles of Advil and Pepto Bismol.

Want to know what else? Then

Chuck all old vitamins or prescriptions like the ones you used 2 years ago when you had your wisdom teeth pulled.

Ditch anything that's questionable or that you haven't used in the past year. Check your condoms too.

Throw out any make-up that's over 3 months old. If you can't remember when you bought it, that's probably a good indication that it's too old to use.

Fit's Tips: Make a list of all the new supplies you'll need to buy, and if you know you don't use it much, try not to buy the "super-size me" bottle of it. If you run out, you can always buy more.

Join The Conversation
caitlinp86 caitlinp86 10 years
I am constantly purging my cabinets, I wish the rest of my family would do the same
vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
I went through mine yesterday and threw out half my medicine cabinet :(
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
I always check the dates.
cubadog cubadog 10 years
I treat my bathroom like my fridge. I don't expired food so why would I take old Advil.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
Good point...I think some things are more important to follow than others. I found a package of women's laxatives (scratch that - The Man found them) from FIVE YEARS AGO! Never even used.
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