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It's Not Just a Bride's Worry: Bill Clinton Is Worried About Wedding Weight Too

Since most wedding workouts focus on the bride getting in shape before heading down the aisle, it's easy to forget that other folks are also worried about looking their best on the big day. Personally, I've witnessed many a bridesmaid and groom ramp up their workouts before the nuptials, and as Bill Clinton shares in an interview with ABC News, even the father of the bride has pressure to slim down.

"She doesn't think I'm in shape to handle it," Clinton said. "You know, she told me the other day, she said, 'Dad, the only thing you gotta do is walk me down the aisle, and you need to look good.' " Clinton added that when he asked her to specify how much trimming down she felt he needed to do, she said, "Oh, about 15 pounds," an effort he said he's "halfway home" toward accomplishing.

While I've been to a few weddings in my life, none of my closest friends or family has yet to be married, meaning I've escaped any wedding party duties. When the time does come I'm sure that I will make an effort to look my best, but I can't imagine anyone will put pressure on me to lose any weight. For those of you who have been in a wedding, I'd love to know — if like the former president — were you ever asked to slim down before the bride's big day?

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
I never told anyone in my wedding party to lose weight. I think it's extremely tacky for people to say that to their bridesmaids/groomsmen. When I got married, I had three bridesmaids and none of them were overweight, but it's not like it would have mattered one way or the other. I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding and I never lost weight for it or anything. I thought Bill Clinton always was trying to get healthier anyway, though...he's had heart problems in the past and it's probably good for him to slim down a bit.
kastarte2 kastarte2 7 years
I think Chelsea is just trying to use her wedding to motivate her dad to make a lifestyle change. He has had problems with his heart in the past. I am sure she made this request out of concern for his welfare.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
One of my bridesmaids would be considered overweight. I have never and will never tell her to lose weight. I've asked her if she wanted to join me in my dance classes or at the gym but she passes on it. She is beautiful but has a fragile view of herself. My main concern is for her to feel comfortable in her dress and enjoy herself at my wedding. I've been trying to get my parents to lose weight, and not just for my wedding. It's more of a concern for their health. My mother is extremely overweight for her frame and my dad, well, he's well fed. They've had two years to try and didn't even budge, even after I suggested going on walks together. The entire family lost weight in Europe, but it was all gained back. Grr.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I've been a bridesmaid in three weddings. There was at least one overweight bridesmaid in each, but none of the brides would have ever asked that anyone slim down. I agree with Wackdoodle that Chelsea's request was probably motivated more out of concern for her dad's health. I think it would be inappropriate to ask someone to lose weight for your wedding solely out of vanity.
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
No, although we were are all individually conscious of areas we wanted to improve. We started taking pilates classes together and I was the only one who stuck with it until recently. That was 3 years ago!
chequettex chequettex 7 years
I was the M(atron)OH for my sister and she told me not to get pregnant! She knew I had no plans to, but she joked, "No pregnant bridesmaids!"
wackdoodle wackdoodle 7 years
I think Chelsea's statement to her dad was sweet and was meant to tell her dad that his health and life are in the fore front of her mind even while planning a major wedding. I don't think she concerned about him being fat in wedding photos - she's concerned about her dad being alive in her life for as long as he can be. After my dad had a heart attack then open heart surgery I was always goading him on to improve his health. I remember treating my dad like a a human (instead of super human Superman) after his open heart surgery. I realized that my dad was more fragile than I had ever thought.
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