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Cher's Butt Exercises

Cher Reveals How She Maintains Her Sculpted Butt at 72 — Hint: Squats Are Involved

Cher's Butt Exercises
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Cher is a freakin' force of nature. At 72 years old, she just starred in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and will soon embark on a jam-packed North American tour to promote the ABBA tribute film. Oh, but before that, she's banging out a quick residency in Las Vegas, performing in the City of Sin every few nights throughout November. Pretty darn impressive, right?

So how does the Goddess of Pop make it through such a rigorous schedule without, well, passing out? Not surprisingly, she works out a lot to stay in shape, which she told Ellen DeGeneres during a recent appearance on her talk show. After humble-bragging to Ellen that she can plank for a solid two minutes "without a sweat," the singer described her weekly workout routine as "not every day, but a lot of times." When Ellen asked about her go-to butt exercises, the entertainer explained one of her favorites. "You get down on all fours and you put your leg up and make an 'L' with your leg; you just do it up like that, and then you do fire hydrants," she said while making the motions with her arms. She does three sets of 25 for each of those booty-lifting moves, the singer told Ellen.

On top of that, Cher does "old-fashioned things" like squats, and also enjoys Zumba, using an at-home tape to follow along with the dance-based cardio workouts. Well, dang — it looks like we just found our new fitness inspiration! Watch Cher's Ellen interview below to hear more about how she stays in shape.

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