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The Healthy Nightcap: Cherry Juice

The typical nightcap has just been given a (healthy) makeover. That's right, insomniacs, it's time to trade in your sleep-disrupting cocktail for a healthier sip — cherry juice! Not given enough credit in the fruit-juice world, studies show that a glass of cherry juice can significantly help you sleep better.

Cherries contain melatonin, a natural antioxidant that helps to regulate your sleep cycle. Participants in the study saved an average of 17 minutes of wake time after going to sleep when drinking cherry juice daily. Although this may not seem like much, between a busy schedule and late-night computer time, we'll take anything we can get. So, rather than counting sheep, sip up with a cherry on top. And if that doesn't do it, we have 25 tips that just might . . .

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