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Chocolate That's Good For Your Teeth? Sweet!

Chocolate That's Good For Your Teeth? Sweet!

Chocolate is one of those foods I always save room for. Not only is it the perfect way to end a meal, but it also has health benefits such as the ability to lower blood pressure and soothe coughs. One problem with chocolate, aside from it being high in calories, is that one of its main ingredients is sugar, so it's not good for your teeth. This problem is being eradicated by two European companies, Barry Callebaut and Smet, who have created the first-ever chocolate that won't cause cavities. That's right. It doesn't cause tooth decay because it's made with a different type of sugar called isomaltulose, which doesn't cause an increase in acidity in the mouth, which can lead to tooth decay. This dentist-friendly chocolate has even been approved by Tooth Friendly International, a nonprofit organization which works to improve oral health.

To see what other surprising foods naturally benefit your chompers


More sweet news for your teeth — it turns out that cheese fights cavities. The texture of cheese increases the secretion of saliva, which helps keep cavities at bay. Also, nutrients found in cheese, like calcium, phosphorous, and protein, actually neutralize plaque. Another food that may benefit your teeth is wine. I know what you're thinking, that red wine can cause staining. But in preliminary studies, drinking red or white wine may fight the bacteria that causes cavities. This is great news for your teeth, but these three foods still contain calories, so you should remember to enjoy them in moderation.

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Feesje Feesje 8 years
Belgian chocolate, baby!
Feesje Feesje 8 years
Belgian chocolate, baby!
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