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Christian Louboutin Slims Down Barbie's Ankles

Christian Louboutin Thinks Barbie Has Cankles

I feel bad for Barbie. After enduring decades of criticism for being too thin and having not of this world proportions, legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin says Barbie's cankles just won't do for his red-soled masterpieces.

Louboutin is the latest in a line of high-fashion designers to makeover the iconic doll. He's created three head-to-toe looks for her, which even includes a mini Louboutin shoe box. Apparently Louboutin found Barbie's ankles "too fat" and asked her parent company Mattel that she get some work done. It's unknown at this time if Mattel will comply in slimming down the doll's ankles for the designer. The Louboutin edition Barbies are slated to be released early next year.

Louboutin is not the first designer to think skinny is just not skinny enough: model Filippa Hamilton's size 8 body was digitally retouched in a Ralph Lauren ad campaign. The Photoshopped picture shows an extra large head looming over a stick of a body. Ironically this image looks a lot like what Barbie's body would if she was a real woman.


The fashion industry and Barbie have long been cited for making women feel inadequate about their bodies. With this extra slicing and dicing from designers it sounds like this issue is nowhere close to being gone.


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