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Chronic Insomnia Affects 40 Million Americans

Do You Have Chronic Insomnia?

I occasionally suffer from a sleepless night. Usually, I can pinpoint a caffeinated drink too late in the day or a worrisome event happening the next day as the culprit for my inability to hook up easily with the sandman. According to Time magazine, some 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleeping disorders, which we know is not great for your overall health. For these people, a good night's sleep is rare and their sleep has been disrupted for at least a month, if not longer — hence the use of the word "chronic."

I have learned that if I get up and put my anxious energy to use, I can eventually fall asleep. If you're having trouble catching your z's, here's an on-topic book to read in the wee hours of the night. Plagued by lack of sleep, journalist Patricia Morrisroe researched insomnia, from the ancient Greeks to contemporary mattress salesmen. She chronicles both her findings and her own sleepless nights in the new memoir Wide Awake. I'm not sure if it will soothe you to sleep, but am curious about your sleep habits. I definitely don't suffer from chronic insomnia, but do you?

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