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Class Act: Cardio Tai Boxing

I'm big on fitness classes, but tend to stick with Pilates, yoga, or something slower-paced — usually afraid that I won't be able to keep up with a class that requires any dance technique. My exercise solution came in the form of Crunch's Cardio Tai Box class — a class that gets you moving without a required-knowledge of dance choreography. All you need to know? How to punch and kick. Really.

In fact, once you master the basic kicks and three different kinds of punches, you'll easily catch on when the combinations are introduced — so don't psych yourself out if you can't keep up right away. The key throughout the workout is to focus on each individual action, fully extend your arms and legs for punches and kicks, and be conscious of your core — if you're flexing your abs throughout you'll notice improved balance and form that'll make leg extension easier for round-house and side-kicks.

To learn more about the class and see video, just


Ultimately, you'll find that the high intensity that the class requires goes hand in hand with the kinds of moves you're doing — and throwing a few punches is sure to relieve stress or any aggression after a long day at work; it's hands-down my top choice for a workout to shake things up and re-energize mid-week. If you lag behind during round one, just go back and do it again, or pull aside your instructor after class to go over technique, this way, you'll be up to speed and blasting calories by round two in the cardio ring.

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katie225 katie225 7 years
sorry, but nothing will ever compare to turbo kickboxing for me! fun music, fun moves, fun people, MAJOR workout!
dannysf dannysf 7 years
I attend this class every Monday and Wednesday. LOVE it!
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