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Class Act: Circus Arts

As a little girl, who didn't dream of flying around on a trapeze dressed in dazzling spangles. Some childhood dreams can come true, but maybe without all the sequins. Chances are high that you can find Adult Circus Arts Fitness classes (also called Aerial Arts) in your neck of the woods, since these classes are becoming increasingly popular. You can learn to walk on a tight rope, to perform handstands on blocks, or to dance tangled in a long pieces of silk hanging from the ceiling. Check out the video to see the feats you could learn.

There is no way you could get bored with this type of workout. Not only do the Circus Arts look amazingly fun, but all these stunts will challenge your strength intensely since they require so much attention, strength, balance, and endurance. Are you're interested in taking a class or workshop? Then


Here are some circus schools you can contact for more information:

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