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It is the new year and I have decided to try some new things — one being new ways to workout. My most recent experiment was a TRX class. TRX is a suspension training program designed to work every large muscle group. The training center offers three different hour-long classes: Body Blast, Basic Training, and Power Stretch. I took an early morning Basic Training class and left with my upper body already aching.

A TRX suspension strap hangs from the ceiling and is used throughout the hour, whether you're gripping it with your hands or hooking the straps on to your feet. We started with a warm-up that was just enough time to wake up my muscles and give my heart rate a boost. Then, we moved on to an intense upper body segment that targeted the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, and back.

Some of the moves are exclusive to TRX, some are reminiscent of exercises you might do with weights, and some are back to basics, like push-ups. All were extremely effective. Each segment is broken up with cardio drills like high knees, quick feet, and jumping jacks; there were about five of these short drills throughout the class.

We moved on to lower-body and core segments that, at the time, felt more like continued upper-body training because you're still gripping the straps for many of these exercises. My soreness the following day let me know that some of those targeted movements hit the intended parts of my body, as my inner thighs were noticeably tight. The lower body movements incorporated variations of lunges, and the core segment involved several different planks.

To see my one gripe about the class,


If you have any wrist issues, they may start giving you trouble during the hour because you're gripping the majority of the time. I found it increasingly difficult to keep my form because my wrists started acting up, so next time I may try wrapping them to prevent any strain. That said, I would definitely take a TRX class again because I left sweaty and satisfied. The typical drop-in rate is $20 for one class, but they have packages that bring down the cost and offer attractive promotional deals ($20 got me three classes).

Does suspension training sound like something you might try?


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PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 8 years
sounds interesting...
running4life running4life 8 years
I'm also a fan of the TRX. I've completely increased my strength by using this over two months. Its pretty amazing what you can do using your own body weight. Their website also has great videos of various levels of exercise that you can perform.
Nak-Nak Nak-Nak 8 years
I have been doing TRX training for a couple months with my trainer. I'm a fan.
chameleon7 chameleon7 8 years
Something that is a little misleading in the article. TRX system doesn't really need to hang from the ceiling (only when used in a gym it is this way), you can hook them to a bar on the wall or to a door (they have a door attachment) and can even use them outside. I have had a trx system for a couple years or so and it a good full body workout. Some of the exercises can actually be fun and can be challenging (depending on where you place your feet or hands).
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