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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
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Class Act: Turbo Kick

Looking for a new class to add to your workout routine? How about Turbo Kick?

Turbo Kick is a new high energy class that mixes aerobics with martial arts with hip-hop. This class is interval based and is good for participants of any fitness level. Expect lots of upper cuts, jabs, jumps, along with kicks and more importantly lots of sweat. I like this class because it is more fun than your average martial arts class, which can tend to be more serious. If you walk into the class with stress and/or aggression riding on your shoulders, you'll walk out feeling a lot less stressed. Heck, you may even walk out of the class feeling like Hillary Swank circa Million Dollar Baby. What's more? You can burn 6.45 - 8.3 calories per minute during one class. To find a Turbo Kick class near you, check out their

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