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Coco Cafe Coconut Coffee Review

Coco Cafe Adds Hydrating Coconut Water to Coffee Time

Coffee breaks just got a little more exciting, thanks to Coco Cafe, a boxed beverage that combines the hydrating powers of coconut water with espresso, a splash of reduced-fat milk, and sugar. While we've been loving the original latte flavor, we recently got a chance to try its latest offerings: vanilla latte and mocha. Fans of traditional bottled coffee beverages will not be disappointed.

If you've ever had a bottled latte or mocha drink, Coco Cafe's offerings are pretty similar tasting, but with a few minor differences. While the taste of coconut water is not at all present in either drink, it does cut through the richness of the dairy. The result is a drink that doesn't taste too heavily of milk, but still retains enough creaminess to satisfy iced-coffee cravings. Of the two, the vanilla was my favorite, the taste of coffee came through with just enough sweetness to balance it out. While the mocha was good, it tasted more like a lightened-up version of chocolate milk than a coffee drink: I couldn't taste the espresso, and the distinct taste of cocoa powder overpowered the drink a little too much for my taste.

As for whether or not the use of coconut water makes this a healthy offering or just a slick gimmick, what Coco Cafe does have compared to similar drinks, is a hefty dose of potassium — 600 milligrams worth. And because it relies more on coconut water than milk and sugar, overall calorie counts are lower (especially in terms of the sugar). Caffeine levels seem to be pretty on point: the 11-ounce drink contains 120 milligrams of caffeine, roughly the amount of a single shot of espresso. And while it is a healthier choice than, say, a bottled Frappuccino, at 140 calories and 19 grams of sugar, Coco Cafe's drinks shouldn't turn into a daily habit. But what they are perfect for are those hot days when a sweet and creamy treat is a must.

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