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Is Cold Weather to Blame For Your Pain?

Do you ever notice that in the wintertime, your aches and pains get worse or you have them more often? It may have to do with the cold temperature outside. Not only does the colder air cause symptoms or flare-ups of many conditions, but changes in barometric pressure or humidity can also make ailments worse.

Migraines: This type of nauseating headache is caused by constriction or dilation of blood vessels in the brain. According to research conducted by the New England Center For Headaches, half of migraines are triggered by cold, dry weather, or changes to weather in general. Doctors recommend that patients keep a headache journal and jot down the weather when they have symptoms, so they can anticipate a migraine and take medication before they feel pain.

To find out what else Winter makes worse

Sinus headaches: When the air cavities in your face become clogged or infected with mucus, it creates pressure that can cause a debilitating sinus headache. Changes in barometric pressure combined with pressure in the sinuses can make the pain even worse. If the air is dry (as it often is in the Winter), it can dry out the sinuses and trigger a sinus headache as well.

Asthma: If you suffer from asthma, you don't need research to tell you that there's a correlation between cold, dry weather and constriction of airways and increased hospital visits.

Fit's Tip: If you find that the dry weather of Winter makes your pains and conditions worse, running a humidifier in your home could make a world of difference. If extreme cold weather affects you, dress warmly, drink some hot tea, and exercise to help increase circulation and your body temperature.


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