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Common Diet Sabotages: Part Two

Can't seem to figure out why you can't lose those last few pounds? It may not be the hours you're not spending at the gym or those random fast food runs that are sabotaging your diet, but rather the little things we may not even think about. Women's Health found common culprits for what may actually be keeping you from your goal weight. Here are more highlights:

  1. You're too routine. Nothing is wrong with a schedule, but your body thrives on variety. Especially when it comes to working out and eating. If you eat the same thing and do the same workout every day, you're not doing as much to help your goal than if you were changing it up from time to time.

There's more so


  1. Your recycling bin is always full. Fresh foods do not come in boxes and cans. While there are some healthy prepackaged foods, most are high sodium, high fat, and highly processed.
  2. Your car is littered with wrappers. Spending a lot of time in our cars often leads to eating in our cars, which is not always healthy. Just like watching TV, people tend to overeat when they are multitasking. Save the eating for when you're able to concentrate on how much you're actually putting in your body.

For more information, don't forget to read the Common Diet Sabotages: Part One. Have anything that is sabotaging your diet? Share it below.


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