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Common Fitness Mistake: Side Bends with Heavy Weights

The love handles are one part of the body we can all do without. People are always asking me what they should be doing to get rid of their love handles and I always say: Cardio is the only thing at the gym that will really reduce your overall body fat, which is what love handles are.

However, if you're looking to tone up those obliques, then you may do side bends (grasping dumbbells and bending side to side). Side bends are a very popular move for those of us that hate doing sit-ups but would still like to work our abs from time to time. Do yourself a favor, unless you are looking to 'bulk' up those obliques (which most of us aren't), don't go too heavy with the weights -- Too heavy of a weight may actually make the area larger. Not to mention that going too heavy could result in poor form, which could strain your back. So when you're doing side bends in the future, aim for higher reps with lighter weights.

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