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springfellow3 springfellow3 5 years
The weather is so bad outside these days, and persistently over a week or so. Its raining ferociously everyday. Now tell me yourself how the litte spring would dare to go for a work out under such condidtions.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 5 years
Bikram yoga!!!!!!!
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 5 years
*working out.
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 5 years
I've been in and out of the gym this entire month due to: the flu, sinus infection, and now I'm recovering from bronchitis. I hardly ever get sick, mind you. This is the most inactive I have been since joining the gym three years ago. I'm just starting to ease back into my routine. I've missed workout out so much..
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