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Common Weight Loss Mistakes

9 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

You're dieting and exercising, but still the scale won't budge. What gives? People make common mistakes when it comes to trying to slim down, so if you're not seeing the results you're after, here are some possible reasons why.

  • You overeat healthy foods. Nuts, avocados, whole wheat pasta, olive oil, and dark chocolate are all natural and healthy, but they aren't void of calories. You still need to watch how much you eat of the good stuff.
  • You drink your calories. This is especially true in the Summer when we're all looking for ways to cool off. Choose crisp water, fruit-flavored seltzer, or unsweetened iced tea, and be mindful of how much fruit juice, sodas, cocktails, and specialty frozen drinks you gulp down.
  • Your partner isn't on the same healthy road as you. I'm not one to point fingers, but you can't expect to lose weight if your husband constantly suggests ordering takeout, wants to go out for ice cream, or encourages you to sleep in instead of hitting the gym. Communicate that you need his support in losing weight.
  • You're addicted to condiments and toppings. A salad is one of the healthiest meals you can have, but when you top it with bacon bits, goat cheese, nuts, dried fruits, and ranch dressing, you can double the calorie amount in a flash. Be aware of how many calories those extras add on.

There are more reasons you're not losing weight so keep reading.

  • You never measure your food or keep a food journal. A serving size of cereal is about one cup, and chances are, if you eyeball that amount in your bowl, you'll end up with way extra calories than you thought. So keep measuring cups and spoons on hand to make sure your serving sizes are appropriate. Writing down what you eat each day will also help you monitor your daily caloric intake.
  • You think walking your pooch around the block is enough exercise. A 15-minute stroll is better than nothing, but don't expect to see dramatic weight loss results. You've got to kick it up a notch big time and do 30 minutes a day of heart-pumping exercise. Big calorie and fat burners include running, spinning class, interval training, hiking, and circuit training.
  • You're overindulging in low-fat or light foods. You pick up some frozen yogurt and because it's lower in calories and fat than ice cream, you think it's OK to pound down half the pint. You'll probably end up consuming more calories than you would if you just ate a regular-sized portion of the real thing.
  • You're on a diet, well sort of. Whether you're on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or following your own diet and exercise plan, you can't do it halfheartedly and expect to see results. Stay committed to your plan, or you'll see the pounds stay on your tush instead of dropping from the scale.
  • You go out to eat a lot. Hitting your favorite restaurant is a great way to unwind, but you're more likely to indulge in a huge meal complete with apps, drinks, fried foods, and dessert. Calorie amount is also a mystery since foods aren't labeled. If you don't want to give up your nights out, split a meal with a friend, order healthy options like salads and grilled chicken, and sip water instead of wine.
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GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I guilty for eating too much healthy foods, not keeping track, and becoming bedmates with carbs.
Advah Advah 6 years
Also- you're not eating enough! I used to always skip breakfast because I just HATE eating in the morning (my parents forced me to have bkfst every morning when I lived at home and that's the first thing I did when I moved out) and it usually gets me hungry earlier than if I don't have it. Then I discovered I could make porridge at work, and a month after that I'd lost about a kilo! I go for porridge with fruit though, not cereal filled with sugar..
linZjoeRD linZjoeRD 6 years
While all of these reasons could potentially explain why someone is not achieving the weight loss they desire, I believe that small changes can aid you in your weight loss journey and enable you to still enjoy the food and beverages you love. This means, you can have your favorite summer beverages, but in moderation. And if you want to hydrate with something other than water, it’s okay to choose a low-calorie or no-calorie drink, which can satisfy your taste buds. As a Registered Dietitian, I encourage my clients, which include the Coca-Cola Company, to make healthful adjustments to their food and beverage choices that fit their own tastes and preferences. Also, be sure to engage in physical activities that you love. This will ensure that you stick with those activities in the long run.
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
My big thing was picking at my daughter's uneaten food. I hated to throw it away as it seemed so wasteful, but I finally realized that eating a chicken strip here, and a turkey meatball there, with macaroni or spaghetti or whatever on the side was adding quite a few calories. I now trash it - as wasteful as it is, it doesn't go on my waist.
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
i am fortunately very very disciplined when it comes to food/working out and luckily i've never been in a position where i had to lose weight for health reasons (i.e. my high weight is when my BMI is at 23 - and this is when i'm not working out and eating whatever i want). If i want to lose weight, i find the best route is to eat as much raw foods as possible, workout in the morning and try to avoid, at all costs, that feeling of being "full" - just eat to be satiated but never ever full (it causes your stomach to expand. making it harder every time to be recognise when you are satisfied)
Skorpio Skorpio 6 years
It is such a struggle for me to not eat what hubby is eating, to not be influenced by his subtle comments about what he wants to eat for dinner, together, and to separate myself from him to exercise etc. Working on it though!
bryseana bryseana 6 years
I think I'm guilty of all these
amber512 amber512 6 years
I agree with the two you added!! Those are more likely my problem than anything on the list.
tea-bag tea-bag 6 years
Also - you're not strength training & you're not getting enough sleep!
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