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We now know how high in calories the food we buy at the movie theater concession stand really is, so we need to find an alternative because watching a movie and snacking go hand in hand.

I have yet to really figure out how frowned upon it really is to sneak snacks into the movie theater, but as far as I'm concerned if they aren't offering healthy alternatives, it is the only option.

Healthier alternatives for snacking at the movies:

  • Air popped popcorn with no butter or salt added
  • Fruit that you can pop in your mouth (as you would Starburst) such as grapes or berries
  • Nutrition/energy bars like nectar bars from Cliff
  • High Fiber Cereal such as Kashi that you can pop in your mouth

The key is to bring items that are easy to bring in and easy to eat that won't be super distracting to you (or the other movie goers).

Fit's Tip: Make sure that the food you bring is not too messy and/or sticky.

Have you own tricks of the trade? Share them below!

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