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Contaminated Tomatoes: Salmonella Strikes Again

I guess we can't go too long without hearing about another outbreak of salmonella. This time it's tomatoes, and these tainted veggies have been found in nine states. Forty food poisoning cases have been reported from New Mexico and Texas, all caused by the same strand of salmonella found in large, raw tomatoes, and 17 of those people have been hospitalized. Another type of salmonella has caused 30 cases of reported illness in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Illinois, and Indiana. In Texas and New Mexico, Roma and red round tomatoes seem to be the culprit, and investigators are looking to find out if these same tomatoes are causing illnesses in the other seven states. Unfortunately, no farm, grocery store, or restaurant is being singled out, so we have no idea which tomatoes are the so-called rotten ones. Hopefully further testing will give us some clues. For now if you live in any of those nine states, I'd be careful about your tomato consumption.


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