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People who have had dramatic weight loss successes are often pursued by researchers so that they can test every corner of their lives to find out what the secret is to losing weight and keeping it off. Is it in their genes? Is it something that happened to them when they were little? As it turns out, it's something far more simple.

Recent reports on the National Weight Control Registry - a project created to find out what makes successful dieters stand out from the rest of us dieters - shows some interesting findings. According to their research, those with the most dramatic weight losses are people who are controlled, methodical and disciplined sticklers for structure and routine (aka "B" quadrant people). Punctual and neat, they always have a plan, timetable and calendar with appointments penciled in.

To me, this makes sense as someone inclined toward plans and routines would be the most comfortable with all the details of calorie counting, portion control and scheduling trips to the gym. In fact, this person may even enjoy having something else to plan out.

Not a "B" thinker? If your loose photos are not arranged neatly in an album (chronologically), don't worry because there is actually a way to trick your brain into thinking more methodically (you can teach your brain new tricks). To learn how, just

  • Organize. Alphabetize your CDs. Then, a few days later, your spices. A few days after that, rearrange your closet, then your tax papers.
  • Timing. Keep a time log of your daily activities and start being punctual for every appointment.
  • Plan. It's also helpful to follow a routine like jogging a certain course every other day, balancing your checkbook once a week.
  • Step-by-step thinking: Cook from a recipe exactly as it's written, knit from a pattern, learn a computer program by following a tutorial or manual.

So get that Daytimer out and start planning your way to amazing weight loss results.

Join The Conversation
Nessa2 Nessa2 9 years
I think it's important to plan to eat well and exercise, but I lost 90 lbs (no crazy diet, pills or surgery) and I am one of the most disorganized people ever! I think success mostly depends on your commitment to really stick to your choice to loose weight.
gumdrops334 gumdrops334 9 years
I think I spend more time planning out my exercise routines etc. than I do anything else. It's very important to me, and I wish I spent as muchtime planning out my studying routine haha.
threadbythread threadbythread 9 years
i agree with this 100% making exercise and eating healthy as important and scheduled as a business plan will surely bring you success!
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