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The Cookie Monster Gave Up His Cookies

Speak Up: Cookie Monster Tossed His Cookies

After my recent poll about mall Santas being forced to lose weight, I was reminded of how in 2005, the folks behind Sesame Street decided that the beloved Cookie Monster needed to kick his cookie habit. Did you know that "C is for Cookie" has been replaced by the slightly less catchy "A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food"?

The Cookie Monster is not the only one who cleaned up his act: Elmo now exercises, and Big Bird washes his hands more. I'm surprised they haven't stuck Oscar the Grouch in a recycling bin and gotten Count von Count to see a shrink for his obsessive compulsive disorder.

I never warmed up to this idea. I loved the cookie monster growing up, and I can't say that it ever inspired me to eat as many cookies (along with inedible objects) as I could, but that is just me. What do you guys think about this? Do you think that changes such as making Santa skinny or taking cookies away from monsters will actually help to lower the rate of childhood obesity? Or do you think they should go ahead and give the Cookie Monster back his cookies?


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