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Cool or Not: Fit-a-Rita?

Fit-a-Rita is a sugar-free, instant margarita mix with added minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts designed to buffer the toxic effects of alcohol. The average margarita has over 200 calories, while a Fit-a-Rita margarita has just six calories (without tequila of course - it markets better that way). No sugar. No carbs. And it contains as much anti-oxidants as two glasses of red wine. Interested? Visit to order it for yourself.

In theory, I like the idea. However, when it comes down to it if I am going to splurge on a margarita, I am going to splurge on a real margarita. Though I will say I have not tried it, and it could be wonderful, though I am skeptical. What do you guys think? Does the Fit-a-Rita fit your idea of a good time?

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