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Cool Fitness Gadget: NRG Ball

If you're looking for a new way to strength train, you may want to get your hands on an NRG BALL. It's a barbell and medicine ball rolled into one piece of equipment. It comes in a variety of weights including, 5 lb. ($59.95), 7 lb. ($69.95), and 9 lb. ($79.95). You can use it as shown, or you can unscrew one of the handles to do exercises like Overhead Triceps. You can also use the medicine ball on its own.

I know it seems pretty expensive, and rather gimmicky, but wait until you see all the exercises you can do with it. The website features a ton of videos to work your core, upper body, glutes, and legs. To see how a video on how you can use the NRG ball to get strong abs just


If it's something you want to add to your home gym then order it from the NRG BALL website.

Join The Conversation
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
Yeah that is a bit much. I like what I have.
jayfit jayfit 9 years
Actually this price is much less than when I bought one of these 8 years ago- i think i paid 139.00 or something like that. I agree that medicine balls are awesome and have many of those, however there is no comparison between the two. When you are training with one handle and the nrg ball and swinging you feel tremendous work through the shoulder, elbow and wrist and mostly the core. Funny thing- i stopped using the system for a while because if was using bosu, coreboard and other things- but now i am back using the nrgball like a mad man and enjoying every minute of it. Also many of my clients actually re- inspired me because they saw Martha Stewart using it on her show. So fit sugar- good find- i will be using this baby for a long time.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Whoa, WAY pricey. I think I'll just stick to my regular medicine ball.
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