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CoolSculpting Freezes Away Fat

Can't Shake Those Last 10 Pounds? Freeze Away Your Fat

If you've dieted and exercised but can't seem to get rid of your stubborn muffin top or saddlebags, the FDA-approved CoolSculpting treatment may be for you. Developed by Harvard scientists, the nonsurgical and painless weight loss procedure essentially freezes your fat away without damaging your skin. It's not helpful for big weight loss but may be perfect for those struggling with resistant areas they want to spot treat.

A noninvasive applicator sucks on the area being treated, and for an hour your fat cells are lowered to a temperature that kills them but leaves your skin cells unharmed. As a result, the fat cells stop working and are metabolized over time — it takes two to four months to see a 20 percent reduction in fat in the treated area. Patients will experience a firm pulling sensation, intense cold, and pressure during the procedure and mild bruising afterward, but there's no recovery time necessary.

Keep reading to find out how much CoolSculpting costs.

Cheaper than liposuction, it costs about $750 per area, so if you're doing two to three areas or are coming back for multiple treatments to attain further fat reduction, you could end up spending a few thousand bucks. As long as you maintain your regular diet and exercise routine, the results should be permanent.

Is CoolSculpting something you would try?

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tgiddensbaker tgiddensbaker 6 years
I have had 3 applications of zeltiq. It didn't work for me. I didn't notice much of a difference (from my before pics to my after pics) and I work out as much as I can and attempt to eat right. All 3 applications seemed to be rushed when they were done, so I don't know if that made any difference. For my first session, I was marked, but for my 2nd and 3rd, it was a guess. I am frustrated because I spent about $2400.00 and didn't receive the results that I was looking for. I am a CoolSculpting Insider:
sunaokabill sunaokabill 6 years
LADIES LISTEN UP!! I'm over menopause, take good care of myself, workout/diet and could NOT get rid of the flubby belly or muffin(s) I was carrying around.. Really made me angry that no matter what I did I could NOT get rid of that last 10 pounds wondering if I was going to have to resort to lipo, I had 2 Zeltiq sessions on my tummy.. GUESS what? stomach is almost completely FLAT. CoolSculpting WORKS, there is zero down time, no going under the knife and as long as you maintain exercise and diet.. is a permanent way to remove and keep off unwanted fat!!! I am a CoolSculpting Insider:
akilp akilp 6 years
I had two treatments on my abdomen and now it is flat. Best thing I've ever done. I recommend it to anyone who has a stubborn area of fat that diet and excercise won't help. It worked for me!!
futuremrsk futuremrsk 6 years
I tried it - twice actually. Had some stubborn love handles and "muffin top" that wouldnt go away with exercise. The first time I wasnt too impressed, but the second application was definitely worth it in my opinion! I like that its so non-invasive and a gradual change so no downtime and no one can tell youve had it done really since you arent missing work or activities. Price tag is a little hefty for the average person, but i think its worth it. I am a CoolSculpting Insider:
Jerisch Jerisch 6 years
Tried Coolsculpting. I'm a fan. Lost my belly pooch. Now I;ve got a flat belly and can wear my bikini!!! Went four consecutive times. Highly recommended. I am a CoolSculpting Insider:
LOL, Aimatha!! I'll co-sign on the groupon - we just need one more.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
^aww that's a sweet post
kclulu kclulu 6 years
The older I get the more I am able to accept my body - flaws, limitations and all. I can't get super model perfect with nutrition and exercise but I know I earned what I've got. Freezing away the last 10 pounds won't make me feel that much better about myself so to me the cost is not worth the outcome. There is a lot more that I can do with that amount of money that would be more beneficial and worthwhile. I am still working on accepting the cellulite though;)
1296156 1296156 6 years
Their youtube seems to have interesting testimonial videos.
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
wow, this is interesting! i wouldn't try it because i have lost those 10lb before only to realise i (and everybody else) like my body more with the 10lb on it (granted this was vanity weight, it had nothing to do with my health!)
Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 6 years
I'd be curious to talk to someone who's had it done to see if they are happy with the results.
amber512 amber512 6 years
lol Aimitha!
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
Yes if it wasn't so expensive I think I'd be more interested - for that type of money I'd want to see so many before and after pictures and hear testimonies of people it actually worked for!
1296156 1296156 6 years
I would try for sure! I have this mommy belly bulge that I just cannot get rid of no matter how many crunches I do!
laurenislost laurenislost 6 years
If I had the money to blow, sure, I would try it!
Aimitha Aimitha 6 years
I think I will wait until it goes half off on groupon/living social before I would think about trying this
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