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Even if you're scared of heights, you can benefit from cliff-diver Tara Hyer-Tira's core-strengthening move. Our friends at Self get the details on the award-winning daredevil's favorite ab move.

Let's talk divers, ladies: They jump from high up, usually into a pool. They throw in some impressive acrobatics and finish with a controlled entry into the water — certainly enough to warrant our "Oohs" and "Aahs." Now picture a diver jumping off the edge of a cliff 66 feet high (way higher than a standard pool diving board) and somersaulting toward the unpredictable ocean waters below. Impressed yet? That's right, cliff diving is real and it's a pretty badass, totally extreme sport.

"[Cliff diving is] scary, yet incredibly exhilarating!" says Tara Hyer-Tira, who won a bronze medal in last month's Red Bull Cliff Diving women's competition in Malcesine, Italy. "It's important to keep your fear in check and do what you've been practicing."


When Hyer-Tira is twisting and somersaulting at over 80 mph toward the water, you better believe she relies on her rock-solid core to keep her body safe. "A strong core is important to prevent lower back injuries in diving, especially when entering the water with such strong impact," she says.

One of her go-to exercises? V-ups, a move that blows the everyday crunch out of the water. They're tough, but if it means having a diver's body, we're game for the challenge — so long as we don't have to jump off a 66-foot cliff anytime soon.

Get the move below!

The Move: V-Ups

Works: Upper and Lower Abdominal Walls

V-Up Sit Up

Start on your mat with legs straight, arms, palms of hands, and elbows facing down on to the floor, elbows hugging the sides of your body. Keep your core engaged and hold legs tightly together, keeping toes pointed, and begin to lift legs. As you lift your legs up, simultaneously lift your upper body off the ground, keeping elbows tight against your sides. Come up all the way until your upper body and lower body create a capital "V" shape. Hold for two counts and then lower down. Be sure to keep feet from touching the ground at all times. Repeat 20 times to complete a full set.

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