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Counting Calories Poll

Calorie Counting: Do You Do It?

FitSugar reader Onehungrymess posted this poll about counting calories in our Healthy Eating Community group. If you've got a question that needs answering, start posting in the FitSugar Community. Your post might end up on our homepage!

Calorie counting. It seems as though people love it or hate it, live by it or live without it. Jillian Michaels had some unhappy responses when she once said calorie counting is "universal." I don't believe that she said universal meaning it's the right choice for everyone, but rather that it is a simple matter of measuring input and output and therefore has the potential to work for everyone. I understand both sides — counting and not counting — and I agree that they both have their pros and cons. Kate Hudson has also recently admitted to calorie counting and says it seems to be working for her.

So I'm curious: when you're trying to shed a few pounds, which method works best for you?

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