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Do You Know Your Holiday Sweets?

Break out the cookie cutters, the rolling pins, the fudge spatulas, and the bread pans . . . it's baking season! While I don't encourage diving into the holiday festivities mouth first, I do think we should all indulge ourselves just a bit and nibble off that tip of peppermint bark. But, before you go dipping into that bowl of eggnog or frosting up a batch of sugar cookies, you should take my quiz and see how much you know about these holiday treats.

Do You Know Your Holiday Sweets?

T/F: Average-sized candy canes have more sugar than a Dunkin' Donut gingerbread cookie.

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rossy rossy 6 years
My jaw hit the keyboard when I saw "...5 out of 5 right"! I thought I'd get 0 or maybe, if I was lucky, 2 right. I'll say it again: I seem to do better at these things when I guess the answers rather than believe I know. LOL - I try not to obsess about reading labels for calories or preservatives or I would NEVER eat or drink anything again. I know someone like that & for her to drink tap water (plastic bottles inc. water = landfills) she has to boil it, pour it (cooled) through 3 filter pitchers... - As for eating the head 1st off a gingerbread man - That's obvious (even WITHOUT the study)... who wants them screaming?! That's what I was told growing up: "bite off the head or it comes to life & screams for its friends to come & eat you while you're chomping on an arm or leg." - I ran away & hid in the closet! It took my mom AGES to calm me down & tell me never to believe EVERYTHING people say; it was a joke. Now I can laugh about it. Back then? Not a lot.
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
3/5. I use to hate gingerbread, but now I adore it!
TheBestRedDress TheBestRedDress 6 years
Peppermint bark is soooooo good. I like Pfeffernüsse.
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