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Coupon for $20 off Discontinued MBT styles

Use Your Tax Rebate for MBTs

Have your spent your tax rebate yet? Well I encourage you to invest in the upkeep of your backside and buy some MBT shoes. They truly are the functional fitness shoe.

First, MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. These shoes are made by a Swiss company that put a lot of research into creating a shoe that imitates what the foot does when it is not wearing a shoe. Twist your mind around that one. Anyway, I must say their research paid off (the shoes really do work) and they get paid handsomely for each pair of shoes – they retail at $245. Lucky for us, MBT changes their styles frequently which means old styles become discontinued and their price is reduced. Yay! These discontinued styles still provide all the benefits of full priced shoes, like – activating the back of the leg with every step and forcing the body into proper alignment.

You can find all the reduced price, discontinued styles at Walkers Warehouse for $139 to $189. Read more about what I think of MBTs here.

Happy walking!

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