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Creating Milestone Rewards For Weight Loss

Should We Reward Ourselves For Weight Loss?

OnSugar blogger Losing Emily has made a pledge to not indulge in something she loves until she loses 20 lbs.

A dog rolls over, he gets a cookie. An employee does well at work and receives a raise. When playing FarmVille on Facebook, farmers get points for feeding their chickens — oh so addictive game. But should we reward ourselves for weight loss? I go back and forth on this.

Of course I am not talking about rewarding ourselves with food — a chocolate here, or a soda there — because that will not end well. I am talking about rewarding yourself with something you like when you lose a certain amount of weight. I am sure that in the end it's inevitable that we'll all end up with new wardrobes seeing that we'll all get lost in our baggy clothes of the past. But what about little milestone rewards?


To see what Losing Emily's reward is,


I was considering something like, every 10 or 20 pounds go to a movie (seeing as I don't do that much) or maybe buy make-up I want. Would this be a good motivator? I think it might be. Although, the only way it could truly work is by rewarding ourselves with something we don't do on a daily basis so that the small prize is that much more excitable. And who knows, maybe this will even help us save money? I know I spent way too much in the past couple of months. This process could not only be a rewards system for weight loss goals, but also a hiatus on spending!

So let's do it! I pledge to you, whoever you may be, that I will not spend any money on cosmetics until I have lost another 20 pounds. That will make me 235 llbs, eek! I have to be honest, when I typed that, my hand was itching for the backspace button, but I want to see if this is a good system. And I know you may be thinking, "Oh she won't spend money on cosmetics, big whoop." If you're a cosmetic junkie, I dare you to watch any beauty guru on YouTube without running to your nearest MAC.

Please leave any thoughts on the subject, or pledge your own reward system!

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inlove23 inlove23 7 years
I LOVE shopping so when I feel like I'm making progress I buy a new shirt or something of the sort. =)
LosingEmily LosingEmily 7 years
So it seems we all like the idea of little goalpost presents! I love all the ones you have for yourselves and can I just say a big "YOU GO GIRLFRIEND" dunnonuttin for her lingerie splurges! Hey, it makes you and your hubby happy ; )
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I rewarded myself for losing weight; mostly because otherwise losing 90 lbs would have seemed incredibly depressing. I usually went in 10-lb increments: every time I lost 10 lbs, I would let myself buy some new makeup or a new outfit. Before I knew it, I was at my goal weight and then I bought myself a whole new wardrobe!
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
I like it. M'sis and I've promised each other gorgeous designer shoes. So along with losing weight, we're saving money...sortof. Who knows, maybe we'll change our minds about the shoes. ;p
Sinnamon-Jones Sinnamon-Jones 7 years
I like the idea of rewards for weight loss. Back in the day, I used to reward myself with a certain meal or something I've been craving. But now, since I'm on a good roll with my weight loss, I've decided to reward myself with a trip to Puerto Rico (I've been dying to go!) when I lost the last 15 pounds. 185 is on the way!
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
I think rewards are a great idea. Why not? I've been toying with the idea of a reward for myself. I've been wanting a tattoo for a while now, and I think that if I can lose 20 or 30 lbs I'll get it then. :)
michellez michellez 7 years
once i lose 20 lbs, i'll reward myself by buying a guitar! I've been wanting to learn since forever!
miracles miracles 7 years
I think this would definitely motivate me. When I reach 145 pounds, I will go get a pedicure. Another pedicure at 140, and finally a haircut when I get to 135. I love going to the salon and updating my hair. So knowing that I won't get a new do before I hit my mark, seems like it will motivate me. We will see! Why haven't I thought of this before? I have been exercizing for 10 months now and have really seen a change in the way I look and feel. I do high intensity and hot yoga, which has really changed the way my body feels. But lately I feel like I have gone in a rut, which started with the holidays. After eating things I did not need, I stopped my slow but steady weight loss. The winter weather also makes me less prone to being active, outside of my yoga workouts. My new method is to try yoga 5 days a week and treadmill/elliptical/swim the other two days. Plus get back to eating more vegetables, and whole grains. It has always been easier for me to stick to an exercize regimen, than a food regimen, so hopefully this will motivate me to keep eating healthy!
dunnonuttin dunnonuttin 7 years
This sounds crazy but I use gorgeous lingerie and underwear as a motivator and reward. I love love love lingerie and underwear so it motivates me to run faster & longer and to work out harder because I want to like the way I look in them. husband is very supportive! :-) LOL
doogirl doogirl 7 years
I think it's a great idea! And you can plan on your cosmetics splurge while exercising! It's perfect! You can do it!!!
isabelle315 isabelle315 7 years
I like this to an extent - doing something that you enjoy can be a great reward for working hard at including exercise and healthy foods in your life. But I think it can also set up an unsustainable system of weight loss - you are using your "reward" as a prize for depriving yourself in the meantime. If you are depriving yourself, then that means your weight loss method is not going to last in the long run. To lose weight in a healthy way (and still be happy while doing it), you've got to make it a lifestyle. If you're denying yourself chocolate and hitting the gym every day only because of some dangling carrot, then it's not a lifestyle change.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
My nutritionist is encouraging me to make rewards. I already have two in mind, but for far-down-the-road things. Belly button piercing(s) when I get rid of my overhanging stomach fat, and a full back piece tattoo when I lose my back rolls. Granted, I have to save up the money for the tattoo before I can get it. I haven't found either to be a very good motivator, because, while I want both, they are so far in the future for me it's just unreasonable.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
why not reward yourself? life is hard enough. I vowed several months back that I would just actively be nicer to myself -- I'm always with myself, so why not enjoy the company?
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I think it's a great motivator! When I ran my first 5k after getting back into running 3 years ago, I rewarded myself by buying a new iPod. I had needed a new one for a while because my old one kept breaking, but I made myself hold out. Giving yourself rewards will help you stick to your goal by giving you something to look forward to on days when sticking to your diet/exercise goal seems tough, and it will make you appreciate whatever it is that you reward yourself with more than you would otherwise.
sgoodall sgoodall 7 years
I'm using spa services as my reward. After I lost the first 5 lbs I got a pedi, and now that I've lost another 20 lbs I need to schedule my massage. I think that I'm going to work towards a facial next....
clearskies clearskies 7 years
That's actually a really good reward. I've always liked the idea of a reward for fitness and weight loss milestones but I never could come up with a good idea for it. Good luck on your weight loss goal and thanks for the great idea!! You can do it, keep us updated! I'll subscribe to this post so leave a comment about your progress!
mariposa76 mariposa76 7 years
i think this is a great motivator & i believe this will make losing weight & achieving your 20lb. weight loss goal much more exciting to look forward to. i'm a makeup freak myself, and am right there with you! this is excellent : ) when you do reach the milestone, please take a pic of your latest beauty muse! i'd love to see what you get, and your pretty face!
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