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CrossFit Training With Sean Murphy of Boost-Athletics

Class Act: CrossFit Training

When I showed up to meet my CrossFit certified trainer, Sean Murphy, I found myself approaching a co-ed group performing Olympic lifting as part of an ongoing group class. The outdoor facility was as simple as it gets — a group of mats under a weather-protective tarp, a set of monkey bars, a shed for housing basic supplies like jump ropes and weights, and tractor tires resting about. The rugged scene was a far cry from the luxury home of my morning workouts at Equinox, but the fitness element challenged me in an entirely different and refreshing way.

Sean handed me a jump rope to warm up and then took me through the basics of what would make up my workout. In a completely encouraging and noncondescending way, Sean guided me on how to perfect a simple squat (lead with your booty!), challenged me to do the most perfect push-up that brought my chest barely an inch from the ground, and taught me how to do jumping pull-ups. We did a series of stretches for my hips and quads and it was time for the real workout. To see what it consisted of and what I thought,


My workout was scrawled with a piece of chalk on a mat under the monkey bars: 15 jumping pull-ups, 15 deep squats, 15 perfect push-ups, and a 200 meter run, all to be completed three times. He challenged me to do the entire workout in under eight minutes, and that gave me the extra competitive push that always gets me going. This workout is deceivingly simple — I was breathing heavily after round two. I completed my workout in just under seven minutes, but there was ab-work to follow that challenged my core and we finished with some stretching.

This was just a sample of the workouts offered at CrossFit facilities. Sean described how no workout is ever the same, but they always incorporate exercises that build strength and power while increasing endurance. Typically, the workouts last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and after my experience I can see why the CrossFit methodology has so many dedicated followers. I would definitely recommend checking out Boost Athletics (Sean's training business) if you're in San Francisco, and if you're looking for an ever-changing outdoor workout look into CrossFit facilities in your area.

Photo courtesy of Boost Athletics

Join The Conversation
Patrice08 Patrice08 8 years
I have been waiting to try this out for a while. Some of my friends swear by it and told me to do it. So, I called Sean and my first training session with him was GREAT! Thanks for writing this up, it got me motivated. I would recommend this to anybody who is interested!!!!
FabRow FabRow 8 years
I've been very very curious about Crossfit and might try it out down here. Keep us updated with how the program is going! P.S. what's the secret to doing a push up correctly? There's something I'm missing
PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 8 years
Would you reccomend this to a beginner, Fit? I've never really lifted weights and I have been thinking of joining a gym and just learning to use weights there, but this interests me too. What do you suggest? Thanks!
MlleMLT MlleMLT 8 years
OOH!! I've been Crossfitting for about 9 months now and I LOVE it. I Love being able to do real pushups, pullups, Olympic lifts, and all-around workouts that would make most regular gym goers cry! The intensity is awesome and it is so fun to never know what you will be in for. Plus everyone is super ripped from the workouts and the eating plans they advocate. Love it!
laurelm laurelm 8 years
I have always wanted to do this because I get bored so easily with work outs and changing them like this sounds like so much fun.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
My husband is in the army and him and his fellow officers do Cross fit for their morning PT. Interesting.
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