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Crowe to Journalist "Go Ride a Bike"

Crowe to Journalist "Go Ride a Bike"

Maybe it's because of his starring role as a fighter in Gladiator, but Russell Crowe doesn't take criticism lying down. In fact, when faced with an undesirable assessment of his fitness regime by Australian gossip columnist Annette Sharp, Crowe laid down a challenge — a 20-kilometer bike ride. Sharp didn't think Crowe should begin a bike ride with smoking and didn't approve of his mid-workout snack — three crispy tacos. Crowe didn't like her words; his Sydney rep called and left her this challenge: "Get on your bike. Russell wants you to go riding with him. Are you ready to die?" While Sharp, a mother of three, is no smoker, she's not a cyclist either.

The ride with Russell is documented in video, and it is actually quite charming. To see if she survived continue reading.

I love biking and think it would be a hoot to tour South Syndey with Russell. I'd pass on the smokes though, and probably only eat one taco. What about you?

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