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19 Exercises to Help You Say Bye-Bye to Boring Crunches

Sep 20 2015 - 2:30pm

If you're looking to mix up your strength-training routine, it's time to try these effective variations on the basic crunch. Challenge your core with 19 fresh exercises that will help you feel more confident and work more than your upper abs alone.

Dumbbell Crossover Punch

Use five- to 10-pound weights.

Crunchy Frog

Pilates Roll-Down

Shoulder Press and Side Crunch

Half Banana

Oblique V-Crunch

Be sure to perform this exercise on both sides.

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Kick Crunch

T-Cross Sit-Up

Pilates Scissors

Butterfly Crunch

Straight-Leg Sit-Up

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Coordination Fly

Bicycle Crunches

Double Crunch Pulse With Medicine Ball


Reverse Crunch

Runner's Crunch

Diamond Sit-Up

V Crunch

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