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Crunch Without the Salt

With high blood pressure in my family, I try to avoid foods that contain high amounts of sodium. But it's tough to find pre-packaged crunchy snacks that fit that bill.

The people over at Bear Naked, the same ones who make that amazing all natural granola have salt-free snackers in mind.

Check out their Organic Trail Mix (it's so new - it's not even on their website yet). The packaging is clear so you can see the almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, whole cashews, raisins, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate chips - all ingredients prefaced with the word "organic."

On the back, they list each ingredient separately and explain why they chose them.

  • Cashews contain 75% unsaturated fat so even though they're shaped like a kidney, they're good for your heart.
  • Pumpkin seeds provide high levels of phytosterols, which are believed to lower cholesterol.
  • Dried Cranberries are vibrant in both taste and antioxidant activity.

So snack away, knowing you're giving your body a healthy energy boost, with zero sodium.

Join The Conversation
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
This sounds good. I can't wait to try it! I love snacking on stuff like this--it keeps me away from the Doritos that beckon around every corner.
rugeorge rugeorge 10 years
That looks great since they don't add sodium. I can't wait to see that in the stores... it's not that hard to make your own trail mix, but it is nice to be able to buy it minus salt.
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 10 years
I love dried cranberries!
kaykay kaykay 10 years
This stuff is great but it makes me a little gassy. :(
LesleyP825 LesleyP825 10 years
This stuff is soooooooooo good!
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